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Facial Treatments

Facial Treatments by Spa e

The most rejuvenating and relaxing facial treatments in South Florida can be enjoyed at Spa e, South Beach. We offer varying facial treatments featuring the most advanced technology and only the highest quality products and ingredients. Find your skin feeling more radiant and healthy after one of the best facials in South Beach at Spa e.

Biolight Miracle Facial

Recover a radiance and luminosity you thought gone forever with our 35% glyco-sea peel and brightening facial.

Vita Cura 5-Phase Firming Facial

Exclusive combination of a cool spirulina mask and enzymatic micro-peel to revive, tone, and firm skin.

Oxygen Boost Facial

Oxygenate your skin with this state of the art treatment. Pure Oxygen with 87 vitamins, minerals and enzymes – An instant face lift!

Deep Cleanse from the Sea

This purifying experience reveals the complexion nature intended you to have!

Four-Layer Fetish

Experience what Cosmopolitan UK™ calls, “The best facial of the century.”
A four-layer mask rejuvenates, tones, and firms your skin with visible results.

Beauty From the Sea

Bind moisture and improve elasticity with this Hydra Dew Lift Facial – Super saturated with rich seaweeds. Series of 3 $245.

Splash of Seaweed

Pure cooling comfort, exfoliation and a seaweed mask.

Electro Lamina Lift

Patented facial workout to naturally tone, stimulate, and lift. With facial enzymatic Peel $75

See the Difference

Say goodbye to dark circles, puffiness and fine lines with this Opti-Firm Eye Contour Treatment for dazzling eyes. With facial $38

Just Glow

Enzymatic Micropeel $55 – with facial $35
35% Glyco-Sea Peel $75 – with facial $55
Microdermabrasion $110 – with facial $75 – with Brazilian $55
Galvanic – with facial $30