TMJ Disorders and Orofacial Pain: The Role of Dentistry in a by A. Bumann, U.U. Lotzmann, G.Groot Landweer

By A. Bumann, U.U. Lotzmann, G.Groot Landweer

Should you (or a friend or a sufferer) have TMJ (TemporoMandibular Joint) difficulties (pain, clicking, and/or lowered starting of your mouth), this publication will stroll you thru the stairs to reach at a prognosis. whereas now not written for the layperson, most folks with a powerful clinical history (and probably a clinical dictionary) may have no challenge figuring out this book.

Detailed directions and lots of photos set this publication except different TMJ affliction manuals. now not a lot on therapy, yet this ebook might help you arrive at an accurate prognosis and how to objectively song remedy with diagrams.

If you will have exact cures, glance in different places. yet prior to therapy can start, the precise nature of the matter could be understood, and this is often the ebook that will help you do exactly that.

Price is excessive, so be at the glance out for a used replica or an outstanding sale.

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In contrast, the complex muscles include the temporal, masseter, and medial pterygoid muscles with their many aponeuroses and varying sizes. During function the aponeuroses can shift and become deformed (Langenbach et al. 1994). The muscle fibers in this group run obliquely and increase their angle to one another during contractions. A complex muscle can produce a force of approximately 30-40 N per cm2 of cross-section (Korioth et al. 1992, Weijs and van Spronsen 1992). The orientation of the muscle fibers and their facultative activation during various mandibular movements is one of the reasons that muscle symptoms can be reproducibly provoked by loading in one certain direction but not in others.

The vertical part of the lateral ligament, on the other hand, limits jaw opening (Osborn 1989, Hesse and Hansson 1988). The superficial portions of the lateral ligament contain Golgi tendon organs (Thilander 1961). These nerve endings are very important for the neuromuscular monitoring of mandibular movements (Hannam and Sessle 1994, Sato et al. 1995). For this reason, anesthetizing the lateral portion of the joint permits a 10-15% increase in jaw opening (Posselt and Thilander 1961). 29 The stylomandibular ligament is a part of the deep fascia of the neck and runs from the styloid process to the posterior edge of the angle of the mandible.

The insertion of the capsule on the condyle is superficial and it lies at different levels on different sides of the condyle (Figs. 58, 61). Anterior disk displacements are accompanied not only by overextension of the inferior stratum, but also by stretching of the lower anterior capsule wall (Scapino 1983). The amount of extension is directly related to the amount of anterior disk displacement (Katzberg et al. 1980). Joint Capsule The interior surface of the capsule is covered by synovial membrane (Dijkgraaf et al.

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