Operational Radiation Safety Program for Astronauts in by National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements

By National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements

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Crew safety is the highest priority. Many factors determine the course of action during a flight. SRAG, the RHO, and the flight surgeon work with the flight director to determine the best course of action when these rules are considered. The NASA term ‘‘administrative limit’’ or ‘‘action level’’ corresponds to the term ‘‘administrative level’’ used elsewhere in this Report. The NASA term ‘‘exposure limit’’ corresponds to the term ‘‘dose limit’’ used elsewhere in this Report. , NASA, 2000b). 26 / 3.

So while the trapped electron dose will still dominate in thinly shielded locations, the reentrant and splash electron dose dominates as the shielding thickness is increased. The high energies of these electrons dictate that measurements be made inside and outside the spacecraft, and inside EVA suits. 3 Trapped Protons (Ͻ10 MeV; Ͼ5 keV ␮m‫؁‬1) Protons at energies Ͻ10 MeV (on the order of the nuclear binding energy) will produce slow target fragments through compound nucleus formation and decay.

Personal communication (Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Houston, Texas). 29 30 / 4. RADIATION ENVIRONMENT IN LOW-EARTH ORBIT periods corresponding to the parts of the orbit that intersect the trapped radiation belts. Coronal mass ejections or flares can generate high intensities of charged solar energetic particles, primarily protons, that may eventually intercept the spacecraft. The occurrence of SPEs is unpredictable. Real-time detectors are needed to confirm the onset and duration of an event in order to initiate countermeasures in the spacecraft and to avoid high exposures during an EVA.

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