Carbon Dioxide Chemistry. Environmental Issues by J.P. Pradier and C.M. Pradier (Eds.)

By J.P. Pradier and C.M. Pradier (Eds.)

This ebook derives from a workshop held in Sweden to check the environmental implications of the dramatic bring up in carbon dioxide degrees within the surroundings within the final 50 years and to discover methods of mitigating greenhouse gasoline emissions. This multi-disciplinary strategy makes it crucial examining not just for chemists yet for all engineers, biologists and environmentalists excited by this crucially vital factor

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M. Hoffmann, * M. D. Weisel, and J. A. K. Paul 1 1 2 ^ X X O N RESEARCH A N D ENGINEERING COMPANY, A N N A N D A L E , NEW JERSEY 08801, U S A 2 P H Y S I C S D E P A R T M E N T III, T H E R O Y A L I N S T I T U T E O F T E C H N O L O G Y , T E K N I K R I N G E N 14, S-100 44 S T O C K H O L M , S W E D E N ABSTRACT The adsorption and activation of carbon dioxide on metal surfaces is an important elementary step in many catalytic reactions such as the alcohol synthesis reaction ' or the water-gas shift reaction .

1 . I , . I . 0 . . I . 0 . I I . 0 Wavenumber ( 1 / c m ) Figure 3. Effects of illumination time on the HREEL spectra of adsorbed C 0 on K-dosed Rh(l 11) surface at 90 K. 36. 2 K From the study of the wavelength dependence of the photolysis it can be concluded that the optical excitation of the substrate to produce photoelectrons plays a dominant role in the photo activation of C 0 . 2 50 Carbon Dioxide 3. PHOTOCATALYTIC REACTION OF H 0 + C 0 2 Chemistry: Environmental Issues 2 We found more than a decade ago that Rh is the most effective of the Pt-group metals in the hydrogenation of C 0 .

At 186 K, the 890 cm" loss was no further detected. The 1340 cm" loss shifted first to 1400 cm" , and above 255 K to 1440 cm" . The initially most intense loss at 1620 cm" underwent only a slight attenuation up to 255 K. Above this temperature its intensity gradually decreased and the loss disappeared only above 500 - 600 K. At the same time the loss at 1440 cm" gained intensity. Some characteristic spectra are presented in Figure 2. 1 1 1 1 1 1 Arbitrary units 1 Wavenumber (1/cm) Figure 2. Effects of annealing of the C 0 + K/Rh(l 11) system.

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