Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra by Maharshi Parasara

By Maharshi Parasara

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For the 4th pada of the 10 nakshatrasbegining from Aswini, Canceris Deha and Piscesis Jeeva,and the lords of the nine signsfrom Cancer to Pisces(Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra. Saturnand Jupiter are the lords off)asas. qrqnt q

This Dasa my be adopted in caseswherethe Sun is posited in the Ascendant. The order of Dasa lords in this Mercury' iyri.. is as follows-Jupiter, the Sun, Mars, the Moon' (which is in table following Thc V;;;;, Saturn and Rahu. falling nakshatras the shows slokas) accordancewith the above Jupiter' the Sun untler the various Dasa lords' The Dasas of planets have Dasas remaining years. The and Mars are of 13 of 6 yearseach. Example-The calculations are based on the method is ailopted for Astottari System' Tlt Janma Nakshatra Sun.

Cn I E GI rr & s . c E -bo v - . q I I t) >. \o 521 Chapter 46 Dasa is of 13 r'uers. Thc balance of Dasa at birth is to be of calculatedart";;'taking into accountthe Bhayat and Bhabhog earlier. explained already the JanmaNaksharra in the manner Note:Wemaymentionhereforthebenefitofthereaders. that Bhayat (the erpired period of the stay of the Moon in the of Janma Nakshatra) an

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