Black Box by Amos Oz

By Amos Oz

Seven years after their divorce, Ilana breaks the sour silence with a letter to Alex, a world-renowned authority on fanaticism, begging for support with their rebellious adolescent son, Boaz. One letter results in one other, and so evolves a correspondence among Ilana and Alex, Alex and Michel (Ilana’s Moroccan husband), Alex and his Mephistophelian Jerusalem lawyer—a correspondence among father and mother, stepfather and stepson, father and son, every one pleading his or her personal case.

The greedy, lyrical, manipulative, loving Ilana has stirred issues up. Now, her former husband and her current husband became competitors no longer just for her loyalty yet for her son’s as well.

Black field is a checklist of ardour, an inventive, witty, feeling novel of latest existence. Amos oz. at his novelistic, human, and poetic best.

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S. If you really insist on repaying me the loan right away, in monthly installments, I have no objection. I’m actually rather impressed! But in that case let’s be quite clear that interest is out of the question. Three documents enclosed with letter from M. Zakheim, lawyer, of Jerusalem, to Dr. A. : Report by Shlomo Zand (private investigator) of S. , Tel Aviv, on the case of Michel-Henri (Michael) Sommo. Drawn up on instructions from Mr. M. 76. 3 and we were requested to effect a very rapid check and convey our report to you within a few days, the present material is not to be considered a full and thorough investigation but merely as preliminary findings, hastily collected.

If he had been told, I think he would have spat on the money, the probation officer, and Michel. ” Michel went to Abu Kabir without me. His brother’s friend (the police officer) arranged for him and Boaz to be alone together in the office at the police station, so they could talk privately. Michel said to him, Look, maybe you’ve somehow forgotten who I am. I’m Michael Sommo and I’m told that behind my back you call me your mother’s pimp. You can say it right to my face if it’ll help you let off steam.

And what are you, sir? Are you the tax collector? ” he answers, without batting an eyelid. “My role is a purely symbolic one. Our Professor Gideon is a man of letters. He has a world-wide reputation. He is enormously respected. One might say admired. The only thing is, until he has put right what he has done wrong, all his good deeds count for nothing. Because they are built on sin. ” “And you are the keeper of the gate of repentance, Mr. Sommo? ” “I married his wife,” he says, fixing me, like a projector, with his eyes magnified three times in the lenses of his spectacles, “I healed her shame.

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