Biophysics by Eberhard Schnepf (auth.), Professor Dr. Walter Hoppe,

By Eberhard Schnepf (auth.), Professor Dr. Walter Hoppe, Professor Dr. Wolfgang Lohmann, Professor Dr. Hubert Markl, Professor Dr. Hubert Ziegler (eds.)

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Via exocytosis also substances are exported which have been synthesized within vesicles. 2 Nucleus The nucleus contains most of the DNA of the cell and controls the life processes. Only in a few exceptions are there nucleus-less cells. T~ey have lost the nucleus during development and are extremely speCialized as the red blood cells of mammalia or the assimilate-conducting sieve tube members of higher plants which both cannot divide further. A cell which has been deprived of its nucleus dies sooner or later; it cannot form mRNA and, hence, protein synthesis ceases.

When cells are cultivated in a medium with tritium-labeled thymidine and then transferred into a medium with nonlabeled thymidine, it can be shown that a chromatid indeed contains only one DNA double helix. Autoradiographic analyses reveal then that in the first division after the synthesis of radioactive DNA both chromatids are labeled. This corresponds to the semiconservative replication of DNA (Chap. 10); both newly formed double helices contain one radioactive molecule. In the second division after labeling only one chromatid of each chromosome is radioactive.

In addition, plasmalemma contains enzymes which are metabolically active. At its outer surface the plasma membrane often bears carbohydrates which are bound to lipids, as, e. , sialic acid in gangliosides. Here the blood-type antIgens of red blood cells are localized as well as virus receptors and factors which function in cell recognition in animals and therewith allow tissue formation: experimentally isol~ted cells ~f an organ assemble organ-specifically even when they have been mixed with cells from other organs.

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