Biology: Nasta Edition (PART 2 of 2) by Campbell, Reece

By Campbell, Reece

Biology: Nasta version [Hardcover]

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A peanut farmer finds that the older leaves of his plant are turning yellow fonowing a long period of wet weather. Suggest a reason why. For suggested answers, see Appendix A. 13 In ui Does the invasive weed garlic mustard disrupt mutualistic associations between native tree seedlings and arbus(ular mycorrhizal fungi? EXPERIMENT Kristina Stinson, of Harvard University, and colleagues investi· gated the effect of invasive garlK: mustard on the growth of native tree seedlings and associated mycotThizal fungi.

4). In wind-pollinated species, including grasses and many trees, the release of enormous quantities of pollen compensates for the randomness ofdispersal by the wind. At certain times of the year, the air is loaded with pollen grains, as anyone who is plagued with pollen allergies can attest. Some species of aquatic plants rely on water to disperse pollen, Most angiosperm species, however, depend on insects, birds, or other animal pollinators to transfer pollen directly from one (lower to another (lower.

Unlike vegetative shoots, flowers are determinate shoots. That is, they cease growing after the flower and fruit are formed. Floral organs-sepals, petals, stamens, and carpels-are attached to a part of the stem called the receptacle. y Haploid (n) • ... 2 An oven/iew of angiosperm reproduction. 802 UNIT SIX Diploid (2n) (b) Simplified angiosperm life cycle. 10 for a more detailed verSion of the life cycle. including meiosis. Plant Form and Function Simple fruit (develops from o~ary) Development of Male Gametophytes in Pollen Grains rates of 1 cm/hr or more.

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