Biographical Encyclopaedia of Sufis ; Central Asia and by N. Hanif

By N. Hanif

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Indigenous Biography and Autobiography

During this soaking up selection of papers Aboriginal, Maori, Dalit and western students talk about and examine the problems they've got confronted in writing Indigenous biographies and autobiographies. the problems diversity from balancing the calls for of western and non-western scholarship, via writing a few kin that refuses to recognize its id, to contemplating a neighborhood call for to not write something in any respect.

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Afterwards, he used to leU a;'ly of his disciples who thought of making the pilgrimage to Mecca that they must vi sit the tomb of Shai kh Abu 'I~F adl Hasan and perform seven circumnavigations there. It is stated on the authority of Abu Sa'id's grandson, Shaikhu 'I-Islam Abu Sa' id, who was the grandfather of Muhammad ibnu '1 Munawwar, Ihe compiler of the Asrar, that Abu Sa'id attained to perfe1:t illum ination al the age of fony. That statement may be approximately correct, though we cannot help regarding as suspiCiOUS ils combinlltion with the theory founded on a passage in the Koran, that no one under forty years of age ever attained to the rank of IJI'OPhecy or sainlShip, excepting only Yahya ibn Zakariyya (John the Baptist) and Jesus.


Suy len maunds' worth and clean lhem. " I followed th e Shaikh's instructions in every particular, When 1 galle his message to Abu Bakr ishaq, the colour went out o f his face and he sat in amazement, biting his fingers. After a few minutes he bade me be sealed amI having summoned Bu 'l-Qasimak , his chamberlain, despatched him 10 Qadi $a'id. He said: "Tell him that [ withdraw fro m our arrangement. O trial and severely punish them . If he asks why. let him know thaI last night. I resoll'ed to fast 3J Today , whil e riding on my ass to the congregational mosque.

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