Biogenic Amines by Harold E. Himwich and Williamina A. Himwich (Eds.)

By Harold E. Himwich and Williamina A. Himwich (Eds.)

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It seems that other biogenic compounds which may react with formaldehyde to form fluorescent products either do not develop a fluorescence in the green to yellow range, or are present in too small amounts to emit a light which interferes with the localization of monoamines. There are thus strong reasons for believing that the specificity of the method is very high. The sensitivity of the method is likewise high and has proved sufficient for the demonstration of intraneuronally located monoamines, which will be further discussed below.

However, differences between the species exist. Thus, the fluorescence reaction in the pineal nerves of cat and rabbit indicates the presence of a primary catecholamine. The pineal body of the rat and mouse differs from that of the other animals in that a specific, intense yellowish fluorescence develops not only in the nerves, but also in the parenchymal cells. 09 pglgland). The pineal nerves enclose the vessels with a dense network of delicate varicose fibres. From this vascular plexus, fibres issue forming a network which enmeshes the pineal cells.

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