Biofeedback & Somatics: Toward Personal Evolution by Eleanor Criswell

By Eleanor Criswell

This ebook presents a beginning for realizing biofeedback and somatics and gives feedback for designing courses for your self or others.

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If the change is greater, the result is painful. When one moves into a new environment with a difference in stimulation level, a process of adaptation takes place. It takes about six months to adapt to a large change in one's life. If there are complicating factors, it might take longer. For example, the loss of a loved one may take one and a half to two years, or longer. 4). The X axis relates to the level of arousal and the Y axis is concerned with the level of performance. As the level of arousal increases, performance increases to a certain point, and then declines with additional arousal.

Migraine Headaches Migraine headaches are vascular headaches. They are frequently one-sided. Biofeedback has been very effective with some migraine clients, but not with all. The treatment of choice (that is, the most common protocol for migraine headache) is skin temperature training. With temperature training of the hands, one increases blood flow to the periphery of the m ffi 42 INTRODUCTION TO BIOFEEDBACK AND SOMATICS body and away from the brain, muscles, and spinal cord. The migraine headache begins with a constriction of the blood vessels serving the head, usually accompanying relaxation, followed by a sudden increase in blood flow to the brain.

As we experience the world, the stimulation of the environment differentially impacts on our sensory receptors. We sort out the impact according to the kind of stimulation impacting on the particular kind of sensory receptor. For example, photons oflight energy are processed by retinal (back of the eye) cells. The kind of energy provided by the stimulus is transduced (transformed) by the sensory receptor cell. , the visual process is conducted to the occipital lobe and superior colliculi. Therefore, we convert environmental experiences into electrochemical impulses.

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