Biodiversity of Western Rhodopes (Bulgaria And Greece): by Petar Beron

By Petar Beron

The current quantity of the sequence "Biodiversity of Bulgaria", treating the Western Rhodope Mountains, comprises forty papers by means of seventy one authors. It starts off with a geographical define. It comprises basic studies of the Mycota (1,763 species of fungi), mosses (364 species) and algae (1,257 species, types and types) of the total Rhodopes. One paper each one matters the better vegetation and the arboreal variety of the Western Rhodopes. lots of the contributions (34) deal with animal range, altogether contemplating 3,958 species of Rhizopoda, Nematoda, Oligochaeta, Acanthocephala, Cladocera, Calanoida, Copepoda, Syncarida, Amphipoda, Ephemeroptera, Coleoptera, Hymenoptera, Trichoptera, Diptera, Mollusca, Pisces, Amphibia, Reptilia, Aves, Insectivora, Rodentia, Lagomorpha and Macromammalia. for every of those greater taxa, areas and teams vital for conservation, in addition to endemics, relicts, safe and endangered species are defined. The publication is addressed to botanists and zoologists, conservationists, biogeographers, and all fans of the Balkan's nature.

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This can be explained with the summer cloud distribution and the same albedo regardless of altitude. 48 P. STEFANOV In total, the Western Rhodopes mean annual radiation balance values have the following territorial distribution (VELEV, 1997, 2002): 1250-1500 MJ/m2 in the highest ridge parts (more than 1800-1900 m of altitude); 1500-1750 MJ/m2 in the Western and highest parts (above 1200-1300 m ); 1750-2000 MJ/m2 in the Eastern parts. Heat Balance If radiation makes the basic income into the heat balance, the outflow part includes several elements, namely the heat loss for evaporation from the Earth surface; the turbulent heat exchange and the heat flux from and to the bedding surface.

6 % for Assenovgrad). The atmospheric circulation, topography and local winds determine the prevailing wind direction. Distribution of average wind speeds by direction shows that for most of the region the most frequent winds are also the strongest ones (Table 2). They are connected to cold atmospheric fronts in the passing Atlantic cyclones. The direction and origin of most of the strong winds in the Western Rhodopes (above 14 m/sec) are Physical-Geographical Characteristics 45 connected to the Mediterranean cyclones and the pheaun effect caused by them along the Northern and Northeastern mountain foot and slopes.

In the mid- and high mountain sections strong winds have different directions, as the ragged relief transforms the airflow. Still, west wind prevalence can be noticed, especially during the warm season. No clear prevailing wind direction can be identified in the Mesta valley and winds there are of lowest speed. Local winds are typical for the Western Rhodopes Mountain. The specific deep relief incision of this mountain makes a diverse pattern of land heating, causing some typical mountain-valley winds.

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