Biochronometry by Michael Menaker

By Michael Menaker

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Her brother, Caligula, was then on the throne, and after Domitius died, he accused her of adultery and treason, confiscated her estate and banished her. On the accession of Claudius she was reinstated, and married the wealthy Crispus Passienus. The subject of plots by VALERIA MESSALINA, she gradually acquired influence over Claudius, whom she married in AD. She then organized the succession for her son, relentlessly destroying rivals, and is believed eventually to have murdered Claudius himself with poisoned mushrooms (AD).

Praised by leading contemporary critics for her beauty, wit and talent, she created a ‘type’ (which was to feature | 19 |                                                   in all the ‘Isabella dramas’ of the later commedia repertoire) in plays such as La Pazzia di Isabella, played at Florence in  at the wedding of the Grand Duke Ferdinand. The troupe toured Northern Italy and France for many years, but Isabella died in childbirth in Lyons in  on their journey back to Italy after four years in Paris.

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