Beyond Economics: Essays on Society, Religion, and Ethics by Kenneth E. Boulding

By Kenneth E. Boulding

The social philosophy of Kenneth Boulding

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All the more evidence, if I needed any, that her relationship with that man was beyond decency. In the end, I banned her entire circle of friends, and I ordered Sempronia not to leave the house, even for official obligations. ' It's been like that for almost a month now. " "Yes, her dictation of society items for the Daily Acts. She needn't leave the house for that. Senators' wives come calling-respectable visitors are still welcome-and they give her all the tidbits she needs. If you ask me, the society section is terribly tedious, even more so than the sporting news.

More important, the consular box was nearby, a little below us and to our right. As I took my seat, I saw a silvery head emerge from the box's private entrance. Decimus Brutus and his fellow consul Lepidus were arriving along with their entourages. He had made it safely to the circus, at least. Partisan chants were drowned out by cheers. The two consuls turned and waved to the crowd. "Poor Deci," said Lucius. "He thinks they're cheering him. " There was a blare of trumpets and then more cheering as the grand procession commenced.

I pursed my lips. I stood up. "Eco, the first thing you must remember, if you ever wish to become a Finder like your father, is always to keep a cool head and never to jump to conclusions. Last night I laid a trap for our culprit. " Or several clues, as it turned out, if one wished to call each tiny, padded paw print in the fine plaster dust an individual clue. The paw prints led up to the niche; the paw prints led away. Following a barely discernible trail of dusted prints, Eco and I tracked the thief's progress out of his room, around the colonnaded portico, and into the room I shared with Bethesda.

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