Beautiful Code: Leading Programmers Explain How They Think by Andy Oram, Greg Wilson

By Andy Oram, Greg Wilson

This e-book is a set of many articles by way of assorted authors, that's alleged to light up what they behold as appealing engineering. Now it's acknowledged that attractiveness is within the eye of beholder, and a few readers could be surprised by way of attractiveness and aha moments throughout the ebook. although to me it feels like so much articles describe how authors used the apparent logic to architect this or that, and that lovely aha second to behold is nowhere to be noticeable. i used to be tempted to place the booklet down more often than not, yet saved on analyzing basically in hopes that subsequent bankruptcy by way of diverse writer approximately varied subject may make it ultimately worthy it.

And one bankruptcy did it! Titled "Accelerated inhabitants count number" by means of Henry S. Warren, Jr (which is ready calculating bit counts in arrays) is really breathtaking and encouraging. Now, is it worthy procuring this ebook only for one small yet excellent article? might be, for the reason that A) it is that solid, and B) i cannot locate it pointed out wherever else, together with the really very good "Hacker's satisfaction" via similar Henry S. Warren Jr. (the "Hacker's pride" describes cool tips within the bit counting region, yet does not point out CSA).

If you have an interest within the premise of this ebook, here's my recommendation:
1. purchase the "Programming Pearls", and get to understand the genuine attractive code one hundred and one by means of heart
2. purchase the "Hacker's Delight", and preserve is as a reference at the bit twiddling algorithms
3. cease on the library or bookshop for quarter-hour, and browse the "Accelerated inhabitants count number" from the "Beautiful Code"

Have enjoyable!

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THE MOST BEAUTIFUL CODE I NEVER WROTE 37 If we wanted to analyze the average cost of inserting an element into a binary search tree, we could start with the code, augment it to count comparisons, and then conduct experiments on the data we gather. We could then simplify that code (and expand its power) in a manner very reminiscent of the previous section.

This is useful when someone wants to know which files in her working copy have changed in the repository since she checked them out, but doesn’t need to know exactly what the changes were. SUBVERSION’S DELTA EDITOR: INTERFACE AS ONTOLOGY 23 Here’s a slightly simplified version of how it works: the client tells the server what revision tree the working copy is based on, and then the server tells the client the difference between that revision tree and the latest one, using the delta editor. The server is the producer, the client is the consumer.

So those are left as exercises. 8 CHAPTER ONE Second, recursion is a win. This fundamental programming technique almost always leads to smaller, cleaner, and more elegant code than the equivalent written with explicit loops, and that is the case here. The idea of peeling off one matching character from the front of the regular expression and from the text, then recursing for the rest, echoes the recursive structure of the traditional factorial or string length examples, but in a much more interesting and useful setting.

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