Beastie Boys (Hip-Hop Stars) by Dennis Abrams

By Dennis Abrams

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Drinking, partying, and a steady stream of girls became a normal part of their lives. Eventually, the boys began to tire of the scene, so as the tour went on, they found new ways to amuse themselves. On some nights, they would be their own opening act. But instead of doing it as the Beastie Boys, they came on stage as a different band they called Triphammer. They came out wearing wigs and costumes so they wouldn’t be recognized. In this disguise, they played heavy metal, similar to that of Black Sabbath.

It wasn’t like a bunch of white guys faking just to be 33 34 beastie boys down with hip-hoppers or trying to play a role. I respected that a lot . . They came off just like somebody I grew up with on my block . . ” Other black hip-hop artists felt the same way. Chuck D of Public Enemy says in The Skill to Pay the Bills, “The Beastie Boys came out to our radio show at WBAU, trying to prove RUN-DMC Run-DMC was a hip-hop group founded by Joseph “Run” simmons, Darryl “DMC” McDaniels, and the late Jason “Jam Master Jay” Mizell.

Their live performances were a blend of punk and hip-hop, with Adam Horovitz break-dancing to keep the crowd entertained. They rented a floor under a sweatshop in New York’s China­town, where they could live and rehearse. The floor of the apartment was blacktop. The ceiling leaked. The sound of the factory machinery could be heard at all hours. Life under a sweatshop definitely wasn’t easy. Once, the boys were hanging out in the living room and heard an explosion in the kitchen. Upon examination, they found holes in their wall, ceiling, and even their toaster oven.

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