AS Biology (Instant Revision) by Steve Potter

By Steve Potter

Speedy revision notes for AS, with self-check questions and grade-boosting tutorials in a convenient A5-sized booklet. Written by way of a senior examiner and skilled instructor who is familiar with what scholars desire for that ultimate -- immediate -- check!Ready made revision notes conceal the total of the AS path and curb on revision time. Self payment questions at each degree be certain revision is lively and potent. Grade-boosting tutorials from the examiner offer professional recommendation on tips to resolution examination questions and what pitfalls to prevent.

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1) Recombinant bacterial cells Each colony is a clone of (c) What does ‘recombinant grown in offspring from a single cell culture medium plasmids’ mean? (2) containing antibiotic (d) Why can only recombinant bacteria grow on the antibiotic medium? (2) 2 Complete the following paragraph. Reverse transcriptase is an .............. that makes a single stranded .............. copy of an mRNA molecule. To make a double stranded molecule, this must then be incubated with the enzyme .............. as well as with ..............

Rule. This always pairs A with T and C with G. (9) 5 Look at the diagram of transcription. Name A, B, C and the bond forming at D. (4) Amino acid 4 D Am acidino 1 B A C G C G Amino acid 3 Amino acid 2 U A U G U A C C C G G G C The answers are on page 108. U A C A A U U A C G U G 33 G ENETIC E NGINEERING (1) [AQA A, AQA B, OCR and WJEC only] Genetic engineering describes the range of techniques used to manipulate DNA. It includes the transfer of genes from one species to another, to produce transgenic organisms.

Increasing the kinetic energy of the particles increases the diffusion rate as they move faster. g. plasma membrane or the epithelium of the alveolus), several factors affect the rate, including the: ● difference in concentrations either side of the boundary – the larger the difference, the faster the rate of diffusion; ● total surface area of the boundary – if there is more surface area, there are more places to cross and so diffusion will be faster; ● thickness of the boundary – a thicker boundary slows down diffusion.

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