Antisocial behavior : causes, correlations and treatments by Rebecca M. Clarke

By Rebecca M. Clarke

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Table 3. (Continued) Study Sample Ascertainment Grella, Joshi, & Hser (2003) Patients receiving services in any of 96 residential, inpatient, or outpatient addiction treatment programs for cocaine dependence (n=707) Patients newly enrolled in methadone maintenance treatment for opioid dependence (n=513) Consecutive patients seeking outpatient treatment for cocaine use disorders (n=174) Methadone-maintained, opioid-dependent outpatients in a research treatment program that provided supplemental treatment for comorbid cocaine dependence (n=212) Outpatients participating in clinical trials of pharmacotherapy for either cocaine dependence or cannabis dependence (n=241) King, Kidorf, Stoller, Carter, & Brooner (2001) Ladd & Petry (2003) Magura, Kang, Rosenblum, Handelsman, & Foote (1998) Mariani et al.

01) except for those associated with EtOH abuse after adjustment for both sociodemographic variables and additional comorbidity. Table 4. (Continued) Study Sample Ascertainment Kessler, Crum, et al. 0 (women) ORs for ASPD associated with EtOH abuse were not statistically significant for either sex. 05) for women but not men. 05) for both sexes. Sex-specific ORs did not differ significantly for either antisocial syndrome associated with either EtOH abuse or EtOH dependence. Table 4. (Continued) Study Sample Ascertainment Lewis, Bucholz, Spitznagel, & Shayka (1996) St.

2010; Spoont, Murdoch, Hodges, & Nugent, 2010), veterans, including those with antisocial syndromes, may have greater access, at least at present, to PTSD services than other affected individuals, particularly those who are also antisocial. Nevertheless, whether this was the case at the time the studies of comorbid antisociality reviewed herein were conducted is unclear. Generalizability of these findings to patients in other treatment settings for PTSD associated with other types of traumatic exposures is also unclear.

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