An Optimized Translation Process and Its Application to by Paul Branquart, Jean-Pierre Cardinael, Johan Lewi, Jean-Paul

By Paul Branquart, Jean-Pierre Cardinael, Johan Lewi, Jean-Paul Delescaille, Michael Vanbegin (auth.)

Within the overdue sixties, the definition of ALGOL sixty eight I eleven , for a very long time calledALGOL X, reached a few balance. it truly is at that interval (1967) our group began theproject of writing a compiler for that language. We had ambitions in brain : to make major learn within the box of compiler method, to indicate the designated problems encountered within the layout of the compilerand therefore almost certainly impression the definition of the language.This publication is worried with the 1st aim purely ; ALGOL sixty eight could be considereda help to provide an explanation for and advance compiling rules and techniques.The complete publication is without delay according to the particular compiler we have now written for theElectrologica-X8 machine ; this compiler has been operational on account that early 1973oSince may well 1975, it really is on hand at the ''BS-com~uter'', the Philips prototype developedby MBLE and that is on the foundation of the UNIDATA 7720. in reality, the X8 has be~nmicroprogra~ed at the BS ; it's helpful to say that microprogrammingdid now not introduce any major loss in potency.

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12 (fig. 16) Suppose a value V (VS and Vd) with an access class di~ost' has the following origin properties - kindo =var - derefo = 1 - ~exo = I This means that the last dereferenced name was referring to a value with flexible bounds, and hence that the dynamic part of this value is stored on the HEAP$. As a consequence Vd is on the HEA~. g. J ~ is first dereferenced giving rise to a multiple value M(~ and bld) with flexible bounds and then sliced giving rise to V. However, (fi~. 17), if the value V were originated from an identifier which is only sliced ( k i n ~ = i ~ n and ~ r e f o = O) the access class of V would be dirwost' but Vd would not be on the HEAP%.

2%) From now on, the a r r o w = ~ a p p e a r i n g to is protected. in the figures means that the value pointed 4T SWOST% ,i i I HEAP% ii V: fi~. 18 -~'HEAP% ' I\ c] V : acee88 fis. _Jl IDST% n. 19 HEAP%1 ~ST% V: fi~. 3) but in practice, wrong programs may have side-effects everywhere. 1). This is the reason why the WOST% protection described below does take even dis~ allowed side-effects into account. Suppose a HEAP% value Vh is protected through an IDST% value V, the protection may become obs61ete if some pointer linking V and Vh may be overwritten.

P). (9) allows, (nihil O) is used to characterize for example, at the output from a the absence of value block delivering a void result to keep track that no value has to be transmitted to the calling set up by the static elaboration ; this kind of access block. Such an access is of a jump, a voiding or a call with a void result. 2 RESTRICTIONS ON ACCESSES As it appears from the above section, each time an action is translated, advanta- ge is taken from the fact that in many cases the resulting value can be characterized by a static access to an already existing stored value or part of it, thus avoiding run-time copies to a large extent.

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