Advanced Real-Time Manipulation of Video Streams by Jan Herling

By Jan Herling

Diminished truth is a brand new interesting know-how that eliminates real-world content material from dwell video streams. This sensational stay video manipulation really eliminates genuine gadgets and generates a coherent video flow in real-time. audience can't realize converted content material. latest methods are constrained to relocating gadgets and static or nearly static cameras and don't enable real-time manipulation of video content material. Jan Herling provides a brand new and leading edge technique for real-time item removing with arbitrary digital camera movements.

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1 Shih et al. 2009 A video inpainting algorithm mainly extending the image inpainting approach of Criminisi et al. [25] has been introduced by Shih et al. [89], [88]. Comparable to Jia et al. , Shih et al. automatically subdivide image data into individual layer segments with individual motion. 2 Video Inpainting 39 averaged motion vectors of individual image segments are then used to guide the inpainting algorithm and to improve visual coherence between successive frames. Shih et al. do not restrict camera motion and allow more complex video sequences as compared to previous approaches.

Once accurate and joint segments have been extracted, these layers are sorted according to the overlapping order. An undesired object is erased by removing the layer of the object itself and by inpainting the region in all layers sorted behind the removed layer. Like Jia, Zhang applies a patch-based inpainting algorithm in the first frame of the video sequence and warps this reference frame to all successive video frames. The warping is defined not by a homography but by the detected motion within each individual segmentation.

2005 The video inpainting approach presented by Patwardhan et al. [77, 78] is only able to process video streams captured with an absolute static camera. In principal, they apply a 3D version of the static patch-based image inpainting approach of Criminisi et al. [25]. 2 Video Inpainting 35 moving objects in front of a static background or the inpainting of a static background preserving a moving object. For the case that a moving object has to be removed, the approach has two steps. In the first trivial step, missing information is simply copied from different video frames in which the moving object is at a different position and the original background information is visible.

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