Adam and the Kabbalistic tree by Z'ev ben Shimon Halevi

By Z'ev ben Shimon Halevi

Adam and the Kabbalistic Tree is a learn of humans as obvious via modern Kabbalists. After a short exposition of the Tree of lifestyles, the paranormal software of Kabbalah, the writer units out in glossy phrases how everlasting ideas function during the 4 Worlds found in a individual. starting with the physique, the method and legislation of biology are comparable Kabbalistically, in order that scholars can see the relationship among physique and psyche. this can be via a deatiled examine of the anatomy of the psyche, the traditional and smooth ways to which organize the reader for an exam of the Soul. The latter a part of the publication is worried with the awakening of the Soul and its becoming realization of the higher Kabbalistic Worlds of production and Emanation. the belief describes human development into the area of the Spirit of the Presence of the Divine

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Its surface is made up of dead cells which both protect and segregate the body from the world outside. Being in direct contact with the external environment it has the crucial tasks to play of being both receptive and adjusting to, the state of the elements impinging on it. Besides being the organ of heat regulation through its various breathing and cooling apparatus, it also adapts to light, moisture, pressure and air. Put in Kabbalistic terms it responds directly to Fire, Water, Earth and Air in all their many manifestations.

Thus the triad Hod, Nezah, Yesod, known in Kabbalah as 'Flesh', is usually concerned with the life maintenance of that organization, be it trade and industry in an economic Tree, or the theory and practice of a profession. Without this interaction between Reverberation, Eternity, and Foundation, the lower face of the Tree, any Tree, would cease to function and that organism would collapse. This is exactly the case at physical death. In our study of the body we begin with the bottom sefirah of Malkhut.

The same is true for the blood system in which failure of a mechanical one-way valve might prove fatal. Such is the physical nature of the body that a clot or a bubble of air can disrupt circulation and balance in many processes. This gives some idea of the inter-linkages of the concrete anatomy of the body. At death all electrical, chemical and physical activities associated with a singular living process ceases. What is left is the Four Worlds 41 quickly decaying elemental husk. This is Malkhut returning the body to its elemental state.

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