A Field Guide to Trees and Shrubs: Northeastern and by George A. Petrides

By George A. Petrides

Детально охарактеризованы все дикорастущие деревья, кустарники и древесные лианы, обитающие к югу от Ньюфаундленда, к северу от Северной Каролины и Тенесси, к востоку от Дакоты и Канзаса. Охарактеризованы 646 вида, включая форму и расположение листьев, высоту, цвет, строение кроны, сезон цветения и плоды. Четкие рисунки показывают листья, цветы, силуэты деревьев и прочие характеристики.
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In addition to its importance as a food product, it is also used in the production of commercial vegetable oils and has a long history among south American natives in the concoction of folk medicines. Lance wood is closely related to our three native members of the Persea genu and is quite similar in appearance. It is common in the United States only in the hammocks and as ociated pinelands of the outh Florida coa tal strand, the Miami Rock Ridge, the Everglades, and the Florida Keys. However, it i found as far north as Cape Canaveral along the east coast but probably not further north than Lee County on the west coast.

Nine tree species in six genera are found in Florida. ), the sassafras (Sassafras albidum), the gulf licaria (Licaria triandra), the spicebush (Undera ben:oin), and the lancewood (Ocotea coriacea. also often referred to as Nectandra coriacea). The camphor-tree is pan of a large genus found exclusively in Asia and Austrulia and is not indigenous to Florida. It is one of more than 200 species in its genus, most of which are found in India, China. and Japan. The camphor was introduced as a shade tree in Florida at least as early as 1875 and was once used widely as an ornamental.

Enng. Our other Illicium, the vellow anise (/. parviflorum), is a strictly F1orida species and is found nowhere else in the world. Although it has been somewhat broadly distributed . 20 Cooy• '"ted , • MAGNOLIAS, CUSTARD APPLES, AND ANISE TREES for ornamental purpose;S. it occurs naturally only jn low. wet sites of several of the state 's north-central counties, including Marion. Lake. and Vol usia. Its leaves are similar to the Aorida anise in shape, size. and general appearance. except that they Jack the latter's sharp-pointed tips.

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